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Q & A

Who can use Plan'n Park?

Private users and companies alike can use Plan'n Park.

How do I get started?

You must create a user profile the first time you use the app. This applies whether you wish to rent out parking or just to park when you drive. You use the same profile for both functions, so the same profile is used if you want to park and rent out parking as well.

How do I find available parking on the app?

SImply search for available parking where you want to park and book an availabe space when it suits your needs.

How much does it cost to park?

The app will show the price for the selected space which will vary depending on the time and location.

How do I pay for parking?

Payment will be charged when you make a reservation using your profile.

Can I extend parking?

Should you need the parking space longer than first planned you may extent the parking on the app, as long as the space is available (i.e. not been reserved by others). It is important that you do not overstay the parking time so that other users may park there also.

What are the advantages for me as a driver?

Plan ’n Park allows you to reserve parking up front, often at an advantageous price. Furthermore, Plan ’n Park offers parking spaces not otherwise available to the public. Som bruger af Plan'n Park vil du få adgang til private pladser, der ellers ikke er tilgængelige, hvor og hvornår det passer dig og tilmed være sikker på en ledig plads

What does it cost me to rent out my parking space through Plan ’n Park?

You will pay a one-time administration fee of 25 DKK (app €3). You will then receive 70% of the revenue generated by your space.

Can I decide when to rent out my parking space?

Yes. The system is fully flexible and allows you to decide when the space is available on an hourly basis each day. You can remove add or remove your space with a single click in the app. Of course, you are obliged to honour reservations already made by other users.

What do I do if someone does not remove their vehicle on time?

Contact Plan ’n Park. We will have the owner remove the vehicle right away, or we will move it to the nearest public parking space at the owner’s expense.

When do I receive the proceeds from my space(s)?

This is up to you. We do require a minimum account balance of DKK 50 (€7). Normally we will transfer the balance at the end of each month.

What do I do should I no longer wish to rent out my parking space?

Go to the menu and click ”Rent out” and then click ”deactivate”. This stops any further reservations being made. You are obliged to honour reservations already made, though.

Can I see when and how often my parking space is being booked?

Yes. You will receive a notification whenever the space is booked, and you have access to an overview of your earnings.

Who informs the tax authorities?

When obligated by law, we will inform the tax authorities.