Terms and conditions for Plan N Park. Rental of private parking spaces

By using the services on our homepage under the domain www.plannpark you accept these terms and conditions as a user.


§1 Start

1.1 The homepage is run by Plan N Park, CVR-no. 38651722, Suhmsgade 2C 5th, 1124 København K (subsequently referred to as ”Plan N Park”).

1.2 Plan N Park offers parking spaces in all of Denmark, provided there are signed up spaces in the desired area.

1.3 Plan N Park has no responsibility whether there is available parking space in the desired area. Available space may be found on the App.


§2 Membership

2.1. The access to use the parking spaces made available by Plan N Park is contingent on the member being registered as a member by Plan N Park. Members of Plan N Park can agree to use another member’s parking space or similar via Plan N Park’s platform.

2.2. The membership of Plan N Park is established and comes into force by:

a) the member’s acceptance of these terms and conditions:

b) the member having divulged the correct member data (name, address, phone-number, email and credit card data) in the Plan N Park membership profile. At any time, a member may alter or delete these data under the menu “user profile”. By deleting the membership data, which are a precondition of membership of Plan N Park, the membership is considered to have been automatically terminated.

2.3. When the membership is established, the member will automatically receive a conformation sent to the email given by the member.

2.4. Plan N Park may, at any time and without consent, reject or terminate any membership without warning or notice. Any member may terminate the membership without warning under the menu “my accout”.


§3 Services

3.1. The members of Plan N Park will solely acquire access to a communications platform (database). The platform enables drivers to establish contact with private owners of parking spaces, who advertises a parking space, with the intent of establishing a more specified agreement regarding parking. This agreement is made between the motorist and the owner of the parking space. Plan N Park is not a party to the final agreement, but just a provider of the communication. See §7 for more information.


§4 Payment

4.1. Unless otherwise specified the user must at any time follow the current guidelines for pricing with Plan N Park. It is now allowed to agree otherwise than stated in our terms and conditions. The guidelines will automatically be displayed when an advertisement for the use of a parking space is made.

4.2. The communications platform contains a payment module which enables online payment for parking between user and owner. When online payment is used, the amount is reserved on the member’s debit, credit, or Dankort when he or she books a parking space. The payment is not drawn until 24 hours after the planned starting point of the parking. The amount for rental (minus service fee for Plan N Park) is transferred to the owner’s account at Plan N Park.dk, where he or she may withdraw the amount.

4.3. Plan N Park reserves the right to withdraw the amount despite the user’s timely complaint based on data collected from the Owner.

4.4. Plan N Park charges a service fee from the price of the individual parking for making the communications platform available. The size of the fee will always be available on the homepage, and the owner automatically pays the amount from the compensation received from the online user.


§5 Marketing

5.1. Direct or hidden advertisement, as well as any other kind of marking on Plan N Park’s homepage by users on their own behalf or the behalf of others is strictly prohibited unless prearranged with Plan N Park.

5.2. Any act which contravenes 5.1. is considered a material breach of the agreement between Plan N Park and the member. Plan N Park reserves the right to delete content on the homepage and will take further legal action as deemed necessary by Plan N Park due to any violation of 5.1.


§6 The member’s special obligations

6.1. The member is responsible for the correctness of the information offered by him or her, and that the data rendered to Plan N Park does not contravene the applicable laws or rights of third parties at any time.

6.2. The member is responsible for that he she, by using Plan N Park’s homepage, does not place any content on Plan N Park’s homepage which is licentious or illegal, contains viruses, programs or software which may cause damage to the software or hardware of Plan N Park or other users.

6.3. The member is responsible for that he or she will not use data on Plan N Park’s homepage for any other purpose than contact directly linked to Plan N Park’s provision of parking spaces, including in particular the use of e-mail addresses and postal address, knowledge of which the member may become knowledgeable of through the Plan N Park homepage.

6.4. The member is responsible for that he or she will use the platform in accordance with the guidelines established in these terms and conditions. In the case of suspected misuse Plan N Park reserves the right to analyze the member’s correspondence with other users through the platform as well as the right to terminate the membership of said user.


§7 Disclaimer for Plan N Park

7.1. Plan N Park is solely a middleman, which offers a communications platform and does not assume any further responsibilities. The use of Plan N Park’s provision of parking spaces is thus undertaken solely on the user’s own responsibility. Plan N Park is not liable for any damages which occur during parking. Likewise, Plan N Park is under no circumstances liable for parking which has not been undertaken in part of whole.

7.2. The member agrees and accepts that Plan N Park cannot be made responsible or liable for other’s use of or passing on of information on the Plan N Park homepage. The planning, execution and responsibility of the parking is dependent solely on the member and the owner and under no circumstances affects Plan N Park.

7.3. Plan N Park’s service is considered rendered when the member has accessed the relevant contact details on the Plan N Park homepage, which the member has requested with a view to agree a parking. If the member uses the Plan N Park online payment platform, the payment service has been rendered when the amount has been transferred from user to owner.

7.4. Plan N Park cannot be made liable for the availability of the service, errors or due to a reduction/unavailability of the service’s functionality, including due to virus, technical failure or outage.

7.5. Plan N Park cannot be made liable for any economic loss or collateral damages, including due to absence of earning or loss of data or information.

7.6. Plan N Park is solely responsible for content made by the company itself. Plan N Park cannot be made liable for content for the Plan N Park homepage, including in particular odd text, information or links which have been posted by members in the text-fields of the homepage.


§8 Data protection

8.1. By registering as a member on this website the member agrees that Plan N Park may treat the member’s personal data according to Danish legislation.

By offering data on name, address, phone, e-mail and route information the member simultaneously agrees and consents that all such information, as a necessary consequence of the Plan N Park business model, be made available to members who use the Plan N Park homepage. This, however, does not apply to banking information and similar, which will be treated confidentially.

8.2. Plan N Park will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the members’ divulged information is not available to other users to any further extent than is necessary as per the Plan N Park business model and pertinent to Danish law. There is no further divulgence of member data to third parties. The member does agree and understand, however, that membership data are used for internal, statistical, and anonymous assessment purposes. Plan N Park does not store data which have been deleted by the member/user.

8.3. A member may, at any time, see which information Plan N Park has stored, and may make alterations or delete membership data under the menu “my account”.


§9 Changes to the terms and conditions

9.1. Plan N Park reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.

9.2. In case of changes to these terms & conditions the members will be informed via e-mail. The change will also be visible on the Plan N Park homepage and the terms and conditions available one the homepage will always be the latest and current. The user/member should thus always stay updated on the latest terms and conditions by accessing the homepage regularly.


§10 Other stipulations

10.1. Should one or more stipulation in these terms and conditions become ineffectual or prove to be impractical, the parties are obliged to make legal arrangements which to the furthest extend possible result on the same or a similar result.

10.2. Should one or more stipulation in these terms and conditions become ineffectual or prove to be impractical, the ineffectualness or impracticalness will have no effect on the applicability of the further stipulations and provisions.

10.3. Any dispute between Plan N Park and a user is settled according to Danish law and at a Danish legal venue.

10.4. Plan N Park reserves the right to undertake a verification of the data and information which the member divulges, as Plan N Park deems fit. Plan N Park owns or is licensed to use all rights and other immaterial rights on the website, including all immaterial rights to text, icons, pictures, data, information, programming, scripting, design, layout, and other elements of the website. Plan N Park has the right to make changes in the services as is necessary to be compliant with current safety standards or other legal or authoritative demands.