Plan'n Park

We make it easier and faster for all to park. Our users save time and money and improve the environment.

Prvate owners and companies can increase their earnings, and companies strengthen their green profile.


Plan'n Park

We make parking easier and faster for everyone. We make private parking available for all users when owners rent out their spaces.

Our users save time and money and help improve the environment.

Private owners and companies alike will make extra money and enhance their climate profile

Our goal

To build the world’s biggest virtual parking space for the benefit of drivers, owners and the environment. A community to benefit all.

As we continually work to improve our platform, we welcome your feedback.

Plan ‘n Park – find parking in seconds

Plan ‘n Park is a new and dynamic company, which thrives from fulfilling the needs and wishes of the community: Easy, simple and inexpensive access to parking spaces. We us a simple and thoroughly made app as our mail tool to steer and control transactions with full transparency.

What is the Plan ’n Park idea?

Plan ‘n park brings the sharing economy to parking. We make it easier and simpler for everyone to park and to use private parking spaces when not in use. If you wish to park, we offer the opportunity to find and reserve a parking space where and when it suits you, saving time and money. If you wish to rent out your parking space, we offer the opportunity to do so and make extra money for yourself.

Here on this website you can read about how our system works. For drivers and owners of parking spaces alike.